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As Turkey's Turkcell, we share the dreams of our youth, and the hopes of Snowdrops, while working towards a better future for everyone living in our country

Implemented in cooperation with the Society for Supporting Modern Life , the "Snowdrops Project" strives to provide equal educational opportunities to girls who are unable to continue their education due to the economic disadvantages of their families. And with this project we help our girls develop themselves as open-minded individuals with professions.

During the initial years of the Snowdrops Project, which was launched in 2000, 5,000 girls who wanted to continue their education were provided with scholarships. In 2007, Turkcell extended the scope of the project by increasing the number of annual scholarships to 10,000.

Snowdrops have been supported by Turkish society over the years, and now new educational opportunities have been provided to tens of thousands of girls. Indeed, the Snowdrops project has become one of the most important social responsibility projects in Turkey.

Since the launch of the project in 2000:

  • Turkcell scholarships have been provided to 27,500 Snowdrops,
  • 11,000 Snowdrops have graduated from high school,
  • 3,500 Snowdrops have passed the university entrance exam, and
  • 1,250 Snowdrops have graduated from university.

The United Nations selected the Snowdrops Project as an exemplary project
In March 2010, the Snowdrops project was selected by the United Nations (UN) as an exemplary project promoting equal opportunities for women and introduced to the world during the event of Beijing +15.

We shared details of the project, which was selected as part of a group of exemplary projects for its contributions to the promotion of equal opportunities for women by the UN's Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, with participants under the roof of the United Nations.

The project was presented to 30 ministers and nearly 500 participants from all over the world at the Global Women's Summit organized in Istanbul in 2011.

A Meaningful award for Snowdrops from London

Turkcell's Snowdrops project won the "Social Contribution Award" at the World Communication Awards (WCA) 2011, the leading global event of its kind in the communication and telecommunication industries.

At the 13th WCA Awards, the jury consisting of 18 well known professionals, determined the winners competing in 18 award categories. Jury members, in determining their criteria, declared that "We have evaluated those projects in terms of effectiveness in reaching their targets and sustainability, providing measurable results, being non-profit in nature and contributing to society in the areas of healthcare, education or economic prosperity".

Bridge of Hearts

Initiated in 2008 in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the "Bridge of Hearts" project has reached 140,000 children from around Turkey over the past four years by visiting different provinces and establishing new and lasting friendships with other children, while also enabling them to discover the natural and cultural beauties of our country.

The Bridge of Hearts project enables children to meet with their peers from other cities, and participate in activities that contribute to their social development and life experiences.

Within the scheme, 7th and 8th grade primary school students and 9th, 10th and 11th grade secondary school students participate in five-day school trips accompanied by teachers and school administrators selected by Provincial Directorates of National Education. Students are also offered the opportunity to travel abroad. By participating in the project, students from Turkey have had the opportunity to visit Thessaloniki and Gumulcine in Greece, and have travelled to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). In addition, students from Gumulcine and TRNC have had the opportunity to visit Istanbul and Ankara.

Within the Bridge of Hearts project;

  • 140,000 students from 81 provinces visited new cities that they had never seen, and met new cultures in four years
  • 6 million kilometers have been travelled
  • 3,400 school administrators and 6,500 teachers were appointed to accompany the students
  • The Bridge of Hearts teams have been established in 81 provinces
  • Thousands of students have had their first experience of travelling by air, train and sea, and of using the subway
  • Thousands of dreams have been realized
  • Friendships have been established that cannot be expressed in numbers

Messages from the heart

"With this project, we have gone beyond building bridges of hearts and taken a long journey into our souls. We have met many beautiful people from Turkey and forged new friendships. I won't be the same person when I return. I have expanded my horizons."
Makbule Kelleci
"People think that life exists only where they live. But, they forget that life is everywhere! No matter how different people are from each other, they share life together."
Gamze Ozkan
"I had never travelled beyond my village before. I saw the sea for the first time thanks to the Bridge of Hearts. It's so exciting to watch the horizon and breathe in the scent of the sea breeze. I've seen so many tourists here. I've decided to learn English and speak as fluently as they do."
Muharrem Ozkan

Turkey's Money-box for Van

Two powerful earthquakes devastated Van in eastern Turkey on 23 October and 9 November 2011. In the aftermath, both the national and international communities, showed great solidarity with Van to help our citizens.

As the Turkcell family, we also felt deeply for VAN, and following the earthquake, we put our hearts and souls into fulfilling the responsibility that rested on our shoulders. And so we used our technology, base stations and communication infrastructure to save lives. We took every measure to secure the communication needs of the earthquake victims. Turkcell once again ensured that Van was connected to life and the world without interruption.

Turkcell Volunteers quickly transported six trucks of aid collected immediately after the earthquake to Van, delivering these supplies to victims by visiting each village. And yet Van still has a long way to go to full recovery, especially in terms of education. We, the Turkcell family, visited the region and witnessed how the local community was striving to overcome its difficulties. We observed that there aren't enough houses to shelter our teachers, who are making heroic efforts to survive. There also aren't enough safe dormitories to shelter our children who are studying away from their families. The majority of them are trying to survive in tents.

When we witnessed at first hand these poor conditions and grasped the vulnerability of the situation, as the Turkcell Family we thought hard about how we could be of more help to Van. And so we decided to develop an aid campaign, which we named "Turkey's Money-box".

Supported by the Ministry of National Education, and in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation, we launched our aid campaign and donated 5,000,000 Turkish Liras to Turkey's Money- box. This amount will be used to build houses and dormitories to accommodate 100 teachers and 100 students, respectively. And, 100 scholarships will be granted to successful students in financial need.

We know that these efforts are still not enough for Van. Because, there is a need for more student scholarships, more teacher housing and more support for everyone in the region. Therefore, we invite everybody who wishes to contribute to our education campaign for Van and donate to "Turkey's Money-box". We believe that we can rebuild a brighter future for Van by supporting more teachers and students.

As Turkey's Turkcell, we initiated the education campaign for Van and developed Turkey's Money-box. Our target is to build houses for 100 teachers and 100 student dorms, as well as providing grants to 100 successful students in financial need

Dormitories and scholarships have been offered to students
The student dormitory to be built by Turkcell will cover an area of 1,500 m2 and accommodate 100 students. Also featuring social facilities, the dormitory is being designed to be youth-friendly, as well as earthquake-resistant and safe. It is planned to accommodate high school students selected on the basis of need by the Ministry of National Education. Turkcell will also offer scholarships to successful students in Van facing financial difficulties. Construction of the Teachers' Campus and student dormitory will commence in March 2012 and is planned for delivery in September 2012, before the start of the new academic year.